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Raise the Age: Turning a Reform Law Into a Reality
October 25, 2017, The New School - Center for New York City Affairs

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September 18, 2017,

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High school seniors honored at Children’s Defense Fund gala
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March 27, 2015, The Huffington Post

College Applications and Criminal Records
March 14, 2015, The New York Times

The State of New York 3/13/15 - "Raise the Age"
March 13, 2015, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Pressroom

Reducing Our Obscene Level of Child Poverty
January 28, 2015, The New York Times

Trying Youths as Adults
January 22, 2015, The New York Times

2015 Opportunity Agenda: Ensuring Justice In Perception and In Reality
January 19, 2015, NYS Governor's Press Office

Gov. Cuomo Commish: New York State Should Raise the Age to 18
January 19, 2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

2015 Opportunity Agenda: Ensuring Justice In Perception and In Reality
January 19, 2015, NYS Governor's Press Office

Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty
January 16, 2015, The Washington Post

Rikers to Ban Isolation for Inmates 21 and Younger
January 13, 2015, The New York Times

Emotional Baggage Drags Down Many Poor Children
January 12, 2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Statement of the Children’s Defense Fund – New York
December 4, 2014, Children's Defense Fund-New York

New York City Plans Focus on Mental Health in Justice System
December 1, 2014, The New York Times

Obamacare Enrollment Is Focus Of Armonk Talk
November 28, 2014, Daily Voice

Do Politicians Love Kids?
November 19, 2014, The New York Times

Urgen a inmigrantes hispanos a inscribirse en Obamacare
November 13, 2014, TimeWarner Cable Noticias NY1

Back to School, With Helping Others as Her Goal
November 9, 2014, The New York Times

3 New York Colleges to Drop Crime Queries for Applicants
October 26, 2014, The New York Times

The Building Blocks of a Good Pre-K
October 21, 2014, The New York Times

538: Is This Working?
October 17, 2014, This is American Life

Before the Law
September 30, 2014, The New Yorker

Remove Youths From Rikers
September 16, 2014, The New York Times

Working Anything but 9 to 5
August 13, 2014, The New York Times

Child Care and the Overwhelmed Parent
July 24, 2014, The New York Times

Taking Back our Children: A Call for Youth Justice Reform
July 15, 2014, Herstory Writers Workshop

Poverty Is Not a State of Mind
May 18, 2014, New York Times

Making Equal Work for Equal Pay an Official NYC Policy
April 8, 2014, The Huffington Post

When Youth Violence Spurred "Superpredator" Fear
April 6, 2014, The New York Times

Don't Forget Kindergarten, Some in New York Say
March 6, 2014, The Wall Street Journal

In Albany, de Blasio Seeks Approval for Pre-K Tax Plan
January 27, 2014, The New York Times

Cuomo’s Medicaid Reform Threatens School Health Centers
January 24, 2014, The Epoch Times

Healthcare Advocates Explain How to Navigate ACA in New York State
December 18, 2013, The Examiner

ACA Toolkit November 2013
November 15, 2013, Children's Defense Fund- NY

Child Health Now Nov 15 meeting
November 15, 2013, Children's Defense Fund- NY

Advocates Want NY To "Raise The Age" On Teen Offenders
October 9, 2013, WROC-TV / CBS & FOX local affiliate

Child advocates call on Governor Cuomo and legislators to "raise the age"
October 9, 2013, WHEC-TV / NBC local affiliate

Group wants change in how state treats some young offenders
October 9, 2013, Rochester City Newspaper

Raise the Age New York Campaign
October 9, 2013, YNN Rochester

Raise the Age campaign hopes to bar youths from adult prison
October 9, 2013, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Letitia James makes history
October 2, 2013, Capital New York

Coalition: Keep teenagers under 18 in youth court
October 2, 2013, Albany Watch blog/Gannett

End Mandatory Life Sentences
September 16, 2013, The New York Tmes--The Opinion Pages

A Court Just for Juveniles in N.Y.
September 16, 2013, The New York Times -- the Opinion Pages

Celebrating Forty Years for Children
September 13, 2013, Huff Post