Policy Priorities

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Policy Priorities

Too many children live in poverty and suffer from preventable illness, neglect, abuse, inadequate education and violence. These problems are solvable if we each do our part. Right now, our nation has the ability to:

  • End child poverty and ensure economic security for all vulnerable families;
  • Guarantee every child and pregnant woman comprehensive health and mental health coverage and services;
  • Provide high quality early childhood care and development programs for all children;
  • Ensure every child can read at grade level by fourth grade and guarantee quality education through high school graduation; and
  • Stop the criminalization of children at increasingly younger ages and invest in prevention and early intervention.

At CDF-New York, our unique approach to improving conditions for children combines research, public education, policy development, community organizing and advocacy activities. At both the State and City level, we provide a strong, effective and independent voice for New York’s children who cannot vote, lobby or speak for themselves. Each year, CDF-NY engages in targeted government advocacy to increase the number of laws, investments and programs in New York that put children first. Our goal is to ensure that all of New York’s children are supported and provided for in meaningful ways, and that they are not unfairly or disproportionately treated due to their race, class, gender, sexual orientation or disability. 

Our policy staff specialize in the areas of health, education, juvenile justice and early childhood development.

To learn more about our FY2015 NY State Legislative and Budget Priorities check out the testimonies we submitted to the NYS Legislature related to Governor Cuomo’s FY2015 Executive Budget:

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For more on our City Advocacy, read our FY2016 New York City Budget Testimony.