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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Research shows that the development of young children in low-income families lags behind that of their peers in higher income families.  Children who attend high-quality early childhood programs that promote social-emotional development however, do better in school, are less likely to need special education services, have higher graduation rates, and are less likely to be involved in the juvenile justice system.  Given that 43% of children, under age 6, in New York State live in low-income families (defined as income below 200% of the federal poverty level),  CDF-NY has continued to play a leading role in early childhood advocacy, statewide and regionally in New York City and Long Island. Our goal is to ensure that early childhood and after-school services and systems are of the highest quality, comprehensive, integrated, fully-funded, and ensure that our most vulnerable children and families are served.  

CDF-NY’s Testimony on FY2015 Budget Provisions Related to Human Services


CDF-NY is proud to be a member of UPK NYC, a grass roots coalition supporting Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to provide universal, full-day pre-K seats to all four-year-olds in New York City through a dedicated funding stream.  There are nearly 50,000 four-year-olds that are not able to benefit from the high-quality, early learning experience that universal pre-K provides. Studies show that full-day pre-k reduces income inequality and increases social mobility, making it one of the most important factors in breaking the cycle of poverty. Please join the campaign and support the mission to give all New York City children the right to a quality, early childhood education.
Campaign for Children

Campaign for Children

The CDF-NY is a member of the Campaign for Children, a coalition of over 150 child care and after-school advocacy and provider organizations, who united in 2012 to fight the proposed budget cuts to New York City’s early care and after-school programs. Today, the Campaign continues to be an active and unified voice for children, youth and families across New York City.  Find out more about the Campaign for Children.

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