Home-Based Child Care

This project aims to support home-based child care to improve the school readiness of the large number of young children in NYC who are in home-based care, particularly low-income children.

The United Way of New York City (UWNYC) and CDF-NY are partnering to address the school readiness of young children in New York City’s highest-need communities as part of UWNYC’s ReadNYC initiative. While more information is needed on the child care patterns of low-income families in New York City, we know that over 70% of infants and toddlers (of the low-income families enrolled in EarlyLearn,  a unique child care model that combines child care and early education into a single, seamless system) are in a home-based setting (i.e. licensed family child care or legally-exempt child care).  Little, however, is known about the current quality of home-based child care here, including who is providing the care and what training and supports are available to these providers across the city.