Pre-K for All

Studies show that full-day pre-k reduces income inequality and increases social mobility, making it one of the most important factors in breaking the cycle of poverty.

As a proud member of UPK NYC, CDF-NY was part of the grass roots coalition that supported Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to provide universal, full-day pre-K seats to all four-year-olds in New York City. The City is currently on track to fully implement the Pre-K for All program in Fall 2015, providing full-day, prekindergarten for over 70,000 four year-olds. Unfortunately, counties statewide lack sufficient funding for Pre-K; in FY 2014, a total of 90,000 four year-olds statewide did not receive any pre-k at all and we continue to advocate for funding to ensure complete access. For more information on Pre-K for All please visit their website.