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CDF-NY launched the Emergency Coalition to Save Child Care, which has since become the Campaign for Children, a New York City coalition of over 150 child care and after-school advocacy and provider organizations; Winning Beginning NY, the statewide coalition that aims to make quality early care and learning investments a top public priority in New York State; and the New York State Early Childhood Advisory Council, formed in 2009, to provide counsel to the Governor on issues related to young children and their families.

CDF-NY’s Testimony on FY2015 Budget Provisions Related to Human Services

FY2015 Joint Legislative Hearing on Human Services 2015 - 2016 Executive Budget Proposal

February 14, 2015

When There Is No Care

The Impact on NYC Children, Families and Economy When the Mayor Eliminates Child Care for 17,000 Children

April 1, 2011

Health Insurance Queens

September 1, 2010

Insurance for Immigrant Children

Health insurance for immigrant children

September 1, 2010

Documents to Apply for Insurance

Documentation Needed to Apply for Public Health Insurance Program. S. Passport Certificate of naturalization Certificate of U.S. citizenship New York State enhanced driver’s license Legal permanent resident card (“green card”) Employment Authorization Card

September 1, 2010

State of New York's Children

April 1, 2008

CDF-NY Testimony at September 2014 Education Committee Hearing

Testimony of the Children’s Defense Fund–New York Before the Committee on Education