School Discipline & Safety

Critical to a positive school climate are school discipline and safety policies that ensure student safety while also promoting inclusion and fairness. CDF-NY advocates for positive alternatives to punitive, exclusionary school discipline and safety practices such as suspensions, arrests and summonses.

As an active steering committee member of the Dignity in Schools Campaign – New York, CDF-NY advocates for changes to the NYC School Discipline Code, and policies and investments that utilize positive school-wide approaches to school discipline, such as restorative justice and guidance interventions that reduce conflict and increase learning. In working to reduce New York City’s overreliance on school discipline practices that disproportionately push students of color, students with special needs and LGBTQ students out of school, CDF-NY works directly with the NYC Mayor’s Office, Department of Education and City Council to ensure that students’ rights to be in school are not inappropriately violated.

In support of the NYC Student Safety Coalition, CDF-NY advocates to reduce school-based arrests and summonses, and increase transparency around school policing practices in NYC schools through the NYC Student Safety Act. The New York Police Department’s School Safety Division (SSD) is the largest in the nation and CDF-NY vigilantly monitors the impact of school arrests and summonses on students, and works actively to improve interactions between students and law enforcement.

Since 2012, CDF-NY has partnered with NYPD SSD to provide community-driven workshops to school safety agents regarding the negative impact the Cradle to Prison PipelineTM has on NYC students. These workshops, which include age-appropriate, restorative approaches to agents’ interactions with students, serve as a compliment to agents’ NYPD training, and provide opportunity for open and honest dialogue between agents and community members.