School Climate

A safe and supportive school climate serves to nurture students’ social, emotional and academic skills. Especially for poor students, students of color and students with disabilities, who all too often attend schools with few resources and high rates of teacher turnover, drop-outs and school push-out, CDF-NY prioritizes supporting initiatives that improve school climate.

CDF-NY contributed research, policy and advocacy support to school climate recommendations published by the New York City School-Justice Partnership Task Force. Currently, CDF-NY serves on two working groups within the NYC Mayor’s School Climate Leadership Team, focused on the implementation of policies and regulations meant to protect student dignity and wellbeing.

As CDF’s mission urges us to ensure a successful passage to adulthood for children with the help of caring families and communities, CDF-NY remains keenly aware of the important role that all school stakeholders—students, teachers, parents, safety agents and school officials play in setting school climate. Since supporting its origination in 2012, CDF-NY has actively participated in the Bronx School Justice Working Group to facilitate multi-stakeholder conversations and initiatives focused on improving school climate and collaboration between stakeholders. With our Bronx partners, CDF-NY has provided several Cradle to Prison PipelineTM trainings to School Safety Officers city-wide, and facilitated school visits for school stakeholders to expedite the development and use of school climate action plans in schools across the Bronx.