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 The Children’s Defense Fund initiated its national Cradle to Prison Pipeline campaign to reduce the detention and incarceration of youth and young adults by increasing the preventative supports and services children need, such as quality early childhood development, education services, and comprehensive health and mental health coverage. The Children’s Defense Fund – NY’s Education Justice work aims to replace punitive and exclusionary school discipline and safety policies that push New York City’s children, especially children of color, children with disabilities and LGBTQ youth, out of school and into the criminal justice system. In working toward this goal, CDF-NY partners with the Dignity in Schools Campaign, Student Safety Coalition and Bronx School Justice Working Group to advocate for the use of Restorative Justice and alternative discipline practices in NYC schools. We also partner with the School Safety Division to provide workshops on restorative practice and the Cradle to Prison Pipeline to school safety agents. Our overall goal is to improve education outcomes for youth by keeping them in school with the support of caring communities, and out of court!


CDF-NY Testimony: April 14 2015 City Council Hearing on School Safety and Discipline

CDF-NY's Testomony: 2014-15 NYC Discipline Code Hearing

CDF-NY's Testimony at September 2014 Education Committee Hearing

CDF-NY's testimony at the June 2013 NYC DOE Discipline Code Hearing

CDF-NY’s testimony at the April 2013 City Council Hearing on Examining School Climate and Safety

CDF-NY’s testimony at the June 2012 NYC DOE Discipline Code Hearing

CDF-NY’s testimony at the November 2011 City Council Hearing on New York City's Department of Eduation's Suspension Data

Keeping Kids In School and Out of Court  (a report developed by CDF-NY and our partners in the NYC School Justice Partnership Taskforce)

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Dignity in Schools Campaign

Bronx School Justice Working Group

NYC School Justice Partnership Taskforce

NYC Student Safety Coalition