Children's Defense Fund-New York Programs

For more than 20 years, CDF-NY has worked closely with state and local child advocates, as well as national and state organizations serving children, to level the playing field for children in New York State through a variety of programs and initiatives. CDF-NY works to educate the public on New York State’s at risk children and provide the necessary tools to apply pressure to the political establishment to improve the lives of children.

Our programs build upon this long legacy of success by empowering communities and advocates to create the change our children urgently need.

CDF Freedom Schools® in New York

The CDF Freedom Schools® program works hard to ensure children are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in life. Our program boosts student motivation to read, generates positive attitudes toward learning and connects the needs of children and families to the resources of their communities.

Learn more about CDF Freedom Schools in New York State.

Beat the Odds® Scholarship Program

CDF's annual Beat the Odds® program honors, celebrates and rewards extraordinary high school seniors who have overcome tremendous adversity to achieve academic excellence, demonstrate leadership in their communities, and aspire to attend college to continue their education. Since 2001, CDF-New York has awarded more than 25 college scholarships to outstanding youths in the New York City area. Many recipients have gone on to pursue advanced degrees and leadership positions in their communities.

Learn more about CDF-NY's Beat the Odds scholarship program.

Youth Development & Leadership

Policy in action is a distinguishing CDF characteristic. Through nationwide initiatives and community-based programs, we plant the seeds to develop the next generation of servant-leaders who will continue to reweave the fabric of community for children and youth. Our vision is to create a successor generation of servant-leaders who will drive community and national transformations and inspire and make long-term improvements for children.

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Faith Based Action

For more than 20 years, CDF has worked closely with national religious leaders and organizations, state and regional bodies, and local congregations, leaders, and lay people. Religious people and organizations—with millions of members, deep roots in communities across the country, a history of caring for children, and moral authority—are indispensable to building a successful Leave No Child Behind® movement.

With our collective voice, followed by concrete action, we do not just make small changes. We change the community. We change the nation. We change the lives and improve the odds for all children.

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For more information about the
CDF Freedom Schools program in New York,
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Korla Collins
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