How to Apply

We are accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Children's Defense Fund-New York Beat the Odds® Scholarship Program now until May 31st, 2018.

Apply Here:

2018 – 2019 CDF-NY Beat the Odds Scholarship

Program Application

Qualification Requirements

Students must be nominated or seek nomination for the New York Beat the Odds scholarship program by/from a teacher, counselor, caseworker or other adult who can speak to the following: his/her character, academic achievement, commitment to social justice issues/community, and the tremendous odds he/she beats every day.

For consideration in the New York Beat the Odds scholarship program, students must:

  1. Be a current high school sophomore who resides in or attends school within the five New York City boroughs;
  2. Has overcome significant obstacles such as, but not limited to, poverty, disability, homelessness or abuse;
  3. Has achieved/maintained a grade point average showing improvement or success; There is no GPA requirement;
  4. Following graduation, attend college/university;
  5. Demonstrate commitment to your community and/or social justice issues; and
  6. Attend mandatory workshops, meetings, interviews and award ceremony if selected.

All nominees must agree to share their story on camera.