Beat the Odds® - NY Scholarship Nomination Form

In order for the Beat the Odds® selection committee to best understand the qualities and attributes which make your nominee a candidate for this program, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of him/her.

  1. Using the grid below please be thorough in offering insight into your nominee.
  2. Please include a letter of recommendation using the categories in the grid below as a guide to fully describe the nominee and share how he/she has beaten the odds.
Nominee First Name
Nominee Last Name
Nominator First Name
Nominator Last Name
Relationship to Nominee
Office Phone
How long have you known nominee?
   Fair  Solid  High Performing  Extraordinary  No basis for judgement
Academic Motivation
Academic Potential
Reaction to Setbacks
Analytical Ability
Oral Communication
Classroom Participation
Problem Solving
Overall Impression
In a general and overall comparison with similar students (age, grade, academic track), how would you rank this student? Note: this is not a class ranking.      

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