CDF-NY Freedom Schools® Program

The Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools® program is modeled after the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project of 1964, a major political action program in which volunteers and community members worked together to secure basic democratic rights for Mississippi's Black citizens. Volunteers taught Black students during the summer with a curriculum that promoted equality, self discovery, social justice and community activism. That project inspired youth from around the country to become involved in their own communities. In New York, many Puerto Rican and other Latino youth have become active in improving their communities on the Lower East Side, El Barrio and the South Bronx.

CDF Freedom Schools program began in 1992 and currently operates in 130 sites around the country with college-age adults serving as role models and teachers to more than 9,000 children. Since 1995, more than 137,000 preK-12 children have had a CDF Freedom Schools experience and more than 16,000 college students and young adult staff have been trained by CDF to deliver this empowering model. In summer 2015, CDF Freedom Schools sponsor partners served over 12,375 children at 189 program sites in 96 cities and 29 states including Washington, D.C.

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This summer CDF Freedom Schools program served 390 scholars in New York at five program sites. 43 servant leader interns delivered an engaging curriculum to CDF Freedom Schools scholars in New York to promote reading and positive attitudes toward learning.

Your child could be one of the over 135,000 children across the country who have had a CDF Freedom Schools experience since 1995. Enroll your child in the CDF Freedom Schools program today.

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